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Wake up early, drive 2 hours to the office, sit all day, stay even when you don't have more work to do, get in a traffic jam on your way home, have 2 weeks of vacation a year, miss your kids' school this the dream we all wanted as children? Is this the life we all worked so hard for in college? Is this method of supporting ourselves - trading our time for money - the only way to make a living?

I certainly don't think so! You have another option: starting a business that can generate the income you need to support your ideal lifestyle. Whether you want to volunteer for a cause or just have more time with your children, it is possible to create an online enterprise that can fund the life you really want to be living. How? By leveraging your own life experiences to offer value to other people.
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I love my life to much to give it up
 There's an art and science to living your best life. You are right where you need to be. Look at me... I didn't earn a degree but somehow I managed to live a life that set me free. I homeschool my daughter and traveled the world. I discovered a "metrics"  that impacted the world.

Maybe you want to do more? Maybe you feel that your life and business are two separate things?

 Freedom doesn't cost nearly as much as you may think. Having a career or business is a good thing. What if we could show you a way to live your best life on your own terms....Would you want to know how? 
- Chawn Young
-Founder of  The Metric Formular
use a 3 step system that will change your life.
This is your life. what will you do with what you have?
hit your target everytime even if it's on the move.
 you get to go all in with "you."
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