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The Art of business
Discover this new way of doing business so that you could hike more, pay off student loans, live in paradise, buy a car, buy a house, spend more time with your spouse, travel to Hawaii, pay medical bills, ect.
Over the past 10 years, I've built a reputation as an entrepreneur, sold hundreds of products and services from my laptop, popularized the concept of ubiquious marketing, and founded a marketing agency called MIS Services LLC that helps businesses compete and quickly get their message out to the marketplace. For a limited time I've opened my business to the public to share strategies and techniques wih fellow entrepreneurs so they could gain insight of the fundamentals of business. There's one catch....for those who live in must be willing to lace up and connect with me in nature! If your not in Hawaii...don't internet connection is strong. 
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 A Person
With Passion
Driven By Purpose
Finds Paradise
WORDS FROM trainee's
Take It From my Tribe:
"Ahmad strategy I've learned is a game-changer.  I never knew I needed help until I traveled down to Hawaii and trained with E! Thanks a milion my brother.
Thomas H.
"What a gift. My business has the right tools now, it's is rejuventated, and my heart is happy!  Can't wait to implement everything
Jani B.
"I came here with an idea.  I left with a new business - What a difference! I couldn't have done it without you Eric..your support is priceless"
Lani P.
I've spent years curating the most soul-nurturing BUSINESS TECHNIQUES, sourcing the world's best business practices through experiences, and identifying the most thriving concepts on the planet - now it's all available to you.  Make this your year... I'm sharing the  tools and resources that I use to operate, maintain and grow my brand. Hopefully they are valuable to you as they are to me. If so, add them to your collection and share them with your tribe. 
the art of marketing.
The Mathmatical Formula
The art of marketing goes beyond a cool idea. I've discovered a strategy that I call the Quad-p Technique. It's a stategy in which anyone could use to turn their life experience into a profitable business using the art of marketing. The concept is simple. Quad-p stands for: A Person with a Passion that is driven by a Purpose can find Paradise. The sum total for the Quad-p technique equals Profit. There are 4 pillars that we must master to turn our experience into a profitable business...which includes: the package, position, promote and paradigm. That smile that you see on my face comes from a place of happiness. Let me show you the steps I your smile can spread as big as mine and maybe you can join the tropics of most sacred place on earth.
You Love What You Do But You Never Have Time for self!
Does this sounds like you? I've been there. I was a technician back in 2009 and I absolutely loved it. I love being in position to help people solve their problems and I've gotten great reviews for doing so. I would work from 8 am until my client was satisfied which sometimes meant working until 10 pm at night. I can tell you this... even thought I enjoyed what I did...I was burned out. Over the course of 3 years I had nothing left in the tank. Not to mention my relationship fell apart. So I found myself stuck in a dilemma. I was doing what I loved but I was tired and over worked. I had to find away to find balance. I was just surviving for the day but what I wanted was to thrive as bad as I wanted to breath. The question that I would ask myself each day can I do what I love without losing the people that I love in the process? How can I free up my time while to really create a lifestyle in Hawaii? I love being in nature. I enjoy long hikes on mountain trails and meditating to the sunrise. However, the way I was conducting business just didn't allow me the time I needed to connect in nature or in my relationship...can you relate?
Want In? It's not cheap...It Pays To Be The Boss!
Want my help? This is where it is going to cost you. Here's Your Choice: Hire me or keep scrolling. Join The Advance Level Paid Quad-p Program which was designed to change your life for good.

(I’m only one person and can only serve a limited number of clients, so my rate starts at $10,000).
Not everyone can invest in one on one coaching and yet everyone deserves to be successful and to have their dreams come true. If that sounds like you then keep reading because I’ve created something really special just for you...
What Did I Do To Change?
I quit. The first thing that I did was I took what I had learned as a technician and injected a purpose into it. I knew that I had a passion to help people. I got great reviews over the years. I knew that I was building longevity into an industry that I thought I loved. So the passion was there. Unfortunately at the same time, I built myself into a box that was hard to get out of. My passion was literally killing me, my time and my relationship. My knee would swell to the size of a grapefruit. My passion quickly turned into pain. I recall my girlfriend... would ask me to take her out because she loved to dance...and I would resist and oftentimes I would turn her down. It wasn't until I put a Purpose behind my passion...things started to change. I discovered that I could literally work less, get more done and have more time with the person and people that I love. This is when I quit. I didn't really quit...I just shifted my approach. I put a purpose behind my passion and I discovered that paradise was not just a location such as my beautiful home of Hawaii...but it's a process that creates leverage without losing your passion. And the cool part about it is.... when done spend less time working. I sincerely hope that you take me up on this system before you end up like me...burned out, single and in physical pain and mental anguish. To live in paradise is a real thing because I live here. What I've discovered can work for anyone who want to turn their dreams into cash. It has revolutionized my outcome and now I can pretty much teach it to anyone. Paradise is on the other side of the hustle. Paradise is the smart way of doing business. You shouldn't wait for it paradise...Lets create it. I can help!
From Paradise to Profit
Living in paradise is great but there was some things I had to put in place. I took the simple concepts, applied them and made a profit. Theory does not pay bills. I don't refer to the bill bill collector anymore....I call the bill collector "Deebo." If you ever seen the Movie Friday...then you know that when Deebo step to you...he comes to collect your hard earned money so if you didn't pay up...there were consequences and repercussion. Like the movie I respect "Deebo" authority...I just had to learn to systematize my passion and purpose so that Deebo and I would not have problems. The only way that I could do such a thing was through marketing. I had to learn the hard trial and error. I lost the shirt off my back, my home and hope in the process. With the right timing I was able to turn things around and draw clients in with little effort. I was able to do this repeatedly...and teach others as well. I'm happy now that I have a skill that pays...did I mention that I teach it to those who want to learn and apply it for themselves? The most important thing about my life is...there's no amount of money that I would trade for my time; now. I value my time like I value money. I spend a lot of time in nature connecting with the source of everything. Would you want to learn how to create paradise so that you can free up your time to be with the person(s) you love the most? Maybe you would like to create quality time for yourself? If so, let me teach you what I've done or allow me to help you find  paradise while you increase your profitability. Maybe you have figured it out...but just need confirmation. Let look at it...together. Paradise awaits those who work smarter not harder.

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? Have you ever wanted to learn how to turn your dreams into cash? Did you know that it doesn't take much money to make money? Yes, that's right... you can start with next to nothing!

Learn while you earn. You can even use the powerful system of the Quad-p technique to help amplify your well-being  plus get your life back. You could Instantly become the person that makes your family proud. Learn the powerful technique that will help you take that vacation that you always wanted. Discover the same technique that allows me to function without a job while living in Hawaii with proven methods of marketing as a side hustle. With a step by step system you can scale your business with minimum effort once you learn to automate online via Affiliate Marketing. Deliver so much value in the marketplace that people will seek out your talents and gifts. There is an old way of doing business yet I'm still in awe of how so many people that either don't know or don't believe. My Recommendation: for those who want to get their feet wet and possibly earn within a week from the "Earn Online within 60 Minutes" button below. Lets get your life back earn while you learn the most valuable skill on the planet; marketing. It requires commitment  in the beginning but when setup correctly the system does a lot of the work for you.
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The proof is in the pudding...However in my case because I'm a's in my "nature."
to build trust... I will be sharing my account info each week so you could see that I'm a man of my word. In the screenshot above I'm just getting started and profits are starting to roll in while I was connecting in nature! My results are not typical...However I'm no one special. I'm just a guy who believe that my time is just as valuable as the money that I receive. If you are like me...lets connect or just let it be...either way...thanks for stopping by.

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